Myths and facts of Acne and food, How to get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 6

7 Myths and facts of acne and food, does food actually cause acne?


myths and facts acne and foodThis is one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been asked, so let’s reveal the myths and facts of acne and food. We have heard about many foods that can increase acne and some others that are good for preventing or even cure acne. The curious thing about the latter are the popular recommendations for their topical application, generally in the form of facials and not as part of our nutrition. myths and facts of acne and foodThere are myths about some foods but now that you know the acne production cycle we can differentiate the facts and especially understand why favor or eliminate acne.

myths and facts of acne and food

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Myth 1, Cleaning:

Myth: «You should clean your face and wash to get rid of acne.»
Fact: False, cleaning plays a role but is secondary.

As I explained in acne treatments, you will not see a significant change with just cleansing and topical treatments if you do not understand the acne production cycle. What is the main thing you should attend to. You are going to spend unnecessarily and without seeing results, or you’ll have temporary results but acne breakouts will return, so it is necessary to know these myths and facts about acne.

Myth 2, Diet:

Myth: “Diet does not influence acne”
Fact:It does influence acne.

The food industrialization has allowed distribution to greater distances without losing the nutritional properties and preventing them from decomposing, however this means that companies use chemicals or additives that our liver must clean. Coupled with a diet poor in nutrients and minerales, it causes stress to the liver because the liver has to cleanse the excess of toxins and chemicals from our body, since it’s involved in almost all metabolic processes in the body.
Yes, Grandma’s recommendation was correct, eat more vegetables.

Soft drinks or sodas:
Of course, sugars are one of the main drawbacks of soft drinks or sodas, but the inflammation caused by being carbonated drinks hinders bowel movement and digestion. In addition, carbon is a compound that bacteria also use to grow in our intestines. I recommend drinking spring or mineral water without gas bubbles instead of sodas.

Myth 3, Chocolate:

Myth: “Chocolate causes acne”
Fact: Studies show that cocoa alone does not cause acne.

Pure cocoa has a low glycemic index, that is, it has a low capacity to convert to glucose and would not affect acne. But in the chocolate industrialization, refined sugars, flavorings, vegetable oils, colorants, condensed dairy products, etc. are added to cocoa, substances that overload the acne production cycle. Especially the sugar that «feeds» – so to speak – the bacteria in the intestine and can hinder intestinal transit.

Industrialized coffee, tea, and chocolate contain caffeine that raises stress hormones.

Myth 4, fat:

Myth: «Fatty foods cause acne»
Fact: False, they do not cause acne

Fat has long been considered one of the main causes of acne, but it is not, fat is metabolized for energy. Fat does NOT become your body’s fat. As Dr. Ludwig Johnson mentions: “Except for hydrogenated fats, all fats are good, because they unclog arteries, rejuvenate and make you lose weight.»” Good fats are in fatty fish, all meats, avocado, seeds such as walnuts, macadamia, almonds, hazelnuts, (except peanuts), olive oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil.
There are other vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, canola, soybean, sunflower, etc., which increase insulin levels and are the worst oils for cooking since, being rich in omega-6 fatty acids, they oxidize faster with heat , causing more free radicals in our body and more acne. They are as harmful as trans fats or vegetable margarine or shortening.
All oils should be used cold, drizzled in vegetable salads, although coconut oil is the best oil for cooking.

And speaking of meats, many of the sausages contain high concentrations of flavorings, colorants that the liver has to filter but in some sausages, such as frankfurter, more flour is used than meat, and it is added with «meat» flavorings, which makes it difficult intestinal transit.

Myth 5, time:

Myth: “Acne clears up over time”
Fact: False, there are cases of adult acne.

Many people who have had juvenile acne still suffer from acne in their adulthood, only that it occurs sporadically and to a lesser extent, generally appearing in areas such as the mouth and face. Or they are outbreaks generated by medication by altering hormone production or by the secretion of sex steroids during the menstrual cycle or the hormonal changes that may occur during pregnancy. In this case, help your intestine and liver detoxify.

Myth 6, Stress:

Myth: “Stress provokes you acne”
Fact: It affects to some degree.

When we live in a stressful situation, anguish, anxiety or fear, glucocorticoid levels rise, glucocorticoids are hormones necessary for the body to resist stressful situations, adrenal androgens and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) are also released, which release more sebum into the skin and they aggravate acne somewhat.

Myth 7, Medication:

Myth: “Medication eliminate acne”
Fact: Some have a positive effect on reducing acne or its consequences.

There are medications that soothe the discomfort and appearance of spots, pimples, blackheads, pustules, and abscesses, but some have harmful side effects, usually topical treatments or antibiotics, steroids or hormonal agents such as oral contraceptives are used that usually cause some temporary improvement. The Isotretinoin is a very dangerous drug that can cause liver toxicity, intestinal inflammation, depression, pancreatitis, seizures, erectile dysfunction, psychotic reactions, aggressive behavior, suicide and deformities in fetuses if pregnant people use it . And it is known it can concentrate in the tissues and remain for years.

Hormonal drugs
Drugs that modify hormone levels (estrogen, steroids, testosterones, and phenytoins) overload liver function. Some others such as tranquilizers, antihistamines, antidepressants, antacids, topical antifungal medications and the toxins produced by bacteria also increase liver function.

Oral antibiotics as amoxicillin, tetracycline, erythromycin, doxycycline and minocycline may become vulnerable to fungal infections because they alter the balance of intestinal flora. There are broad spectrum antibiotics that literally wipe out the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in the gut. (See yogurt)

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Multivitamins are excellent for our body to recover its normal functions, unfortunately many of the products on the market are absorbed in a lower percentage since gastric juices destroy a large part of the nutrient, – just as it happens with food – and less percentage is absorbed and used by the body, this is called bioavailability. My recommendation is to take them when you start to see progress in your acne reduction since many, because they are industrially manufactured, contain colorants and preservatives that can aggravate the acne production cycle. Preferably consume foods rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals naturally, to a lesser degree or without industrialization.

If the intestinal flora is not in good condition, beer, for example, can cause inflammation due to fermentation and fungal infections.

Prefer eating the cucumber instead of making a cucumber facial, prefer eating the carrot instead of making a carrot facial, eat the aloe pulp instead of applying it as a facial. They will serve your skin best, as the skin is best nourished from the inside.




So, we’ve talked about some myths and facts of acne and food, but let’s look at more information about acne and nutrition.

Fruits and vegetables
We have always heard the recommendation to eat fruits and vegetables, from grandmother’s advice to the hackneyed slogan in commercials. Fruits and vegetables contain many nutrients, the biggest difference is that fruits contain more fructose; (plant-based sugar) keep in mind that fruits can feed your intestinal bacteria both harmful and beneficial. It is advisable to consume the least sweet ones, those that contain less carbohydrates and also have higher amounts of fiber, since they will absorb toxins in the intestine secreted by the liver in the bile. Eat plenty of vegetables or greens rather than fruits, preferably raw.

A fruit that helps the emptying of bile and liver decongestion as well as having abundant fiber. Prefer green or red, less sweet than the yellow ones.

Besides containing antioxidant vitamins, they promote liver detoxification and stimulate bile production.

They favor the elimination of organic waste by allowing intestinal motility.

They contain antioxidants and purify the blood, which facilitates liver function.

They contain minerals and provitamin A. They decongest and can reduce the size of the liver when there is blood congestion (congestive hepatomegaly).

The citrus in lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines helps by stimulating liver detoxification. And vitamin C is an important antioxidant and detoxifier. Besides, orange juice favors intestinal movement, although you must take into account its high level of fructose. (see fruits and vegetables)

The fiber of legumes such as broccoli, cabbage, brucelas cabbages, beets or jicama (Mexican yam bean) also help detoxify the liver. Above all to absorb the bile loaded with toxins and eliminate them from the body. (see linseed)

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Water intervenes in all our metabolic processes, we must ingest at least 4 glasses of water without counting juices, broths or other liquid foods, this will favor intestinal transit and the functions of our entire body in general. It is VERY IMPORTANT to drink a lot of water if you take flaxseed. I recommend you drink spring water or mineral water without gas bubbles from time to time.

Drinking for a couple of weeks a small spoonful of flaxseed or flax seed powder poured into 8.5 oz, (a glass of water) favors intestinal motility while absorbing toxins and bacteria. Contains dietary fiber and natural omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 oils. Flaxseed inhibits the breakdown of bile acids in the intestine that could cause cancer. Above all, do not abuse flaxseed fiber if you are not used to it, you should gradually incorporate it into your diet and drink plenty of water as it works better because it extracts water from the intestinal tract and if there are not enough fluids it can cause gas, bloating and constipation. If you have severe acne drink it a couple of months to see results, then discontinue.

The natural yogurt allows a balance in our intestine between beneficial and harmful bacterial colonies, it prevents harmful bacteria colonies from growing causing intestinal infections and digestion problems. If you cannot get natural Bulgarian yogurt, you can take lactobacillus tablets or capsules. This is the only dairy allowed as long as it is a fermented dairy drink. (Also known as Bulgarian yogurt or Kefir) The fermented milk is strained and can be poured over chopped strawberries or apples, or you can use the blender to prepare a delicious milk shake. You can add a tablespoon of honey. Drink for a couple of weeks until you see results, then discontinue. (Do not drink more than 2 months)

Jícama or Mexican yam bean
The Jícama is an excellent tuber that contains 86% to 90% water, vitamin C, some minerals and a type of glucose that is not metabolized into glucose. In addition, it contains fiber that allows you to absorb toxins from the intestine, contains trace amounts of protein and lipids and a prebiotic. It is an excellent mix between liquid and fiber and one of the best foods to speed up intestinal transit. Do not consume spicy because can irritate the gastric mucosa, it’s recommended to eat in salads or as a healthy snack with a little salt.

IMPORTANT: One of my top best foods in my diet to avoid acne , so good I still eat it as a preventative food.

Milk Thistle
NO, this is no milk!
The milk thistle Silybum marianum is a powerful protector, regenerator and detoxifying of the liver, silymarin -the activated substance- may even prevent damage to the liver after poisoning, protects against hepatitis, cirrhosis and allows the liver to regenerate.
The liver is the only organ capable of regenerating itself, even after terrible damage.
For acne take 140 to 280 mg a day, and as maintenance take 70 mg daily.

IMPORTANT: Milk thistle or silymarin are NOT toxic in high amounts, that is why it is still an effective ally to avoid acne. So good I still take it from time to time.

Cardo Mariano combate el acné

The milk thistle, Silybum marianum it’s an excellent ally to eliminate acne.

Laxatives and dewormers
Only if your doctor recommends using a laxative or dewormer should you use it, both can be beneficial to improve transit and for other intestinal diseases, but always under medical supervision. If you take any, remember to eat a soft diet and start taking lactobacilli to restore your intestinal flora. (see yogurt)Best deals in software


Hair dyes and other chemicals
The pores of the scalp are larger than in other areas of the body and the substances that are absorbed there will also have to be filtered by the liver. An important aspect that you should take care of if you suffer from adult acne.

Makeup can be used when acne is low or when you consider a significant reduction in your acne. If you suffer from severe acne in the areas to be made up, you can temporarily suspend until you notice an improvement in the area.

Creams, lotions
Of course you can use your astringent soaps, creams and lotions if you like, when you apply the information in these articles, using them is an extra. You will be fighting acne from its origin and its consequences. I particularly didn’t use them anymore.
If they are other types of creams and lotions, try to use them again when you begin to notice the acne has been reduced or eliminated completely.

I hope I have helped you unravel the myths and facts of acne and food and in control and elimination of acne, remember to apply the information, share it ( ) and leave your comment below. I wish with all my heart the improvement in your life and in your skin.

I wish you much success!

7 acne myths and facts

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