How to get rid of Acne FOREVER. Part 1

Forget about acne, eliminate acne forever

How to Get Rid of Acne FOREVER I’m sure you want to know how to get rid of acne forever and you are tired of treatments and creams that do not solve the problem of suffering from annoying acne.
Like you, I was looking in a thousand and one ways for the formula that eliminates acne forever (spots, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, abscesses etc.) not only because of the shame of visible acne but also because of the consequences or scars that it leaves on our skin and and in our self-esteem, sometimes more than the scars themselves.

That is why:

FREE and effective information to eliminate acne forever

My intention is not to sell you any «miracle» product or treatment that eliminates acne forever, nor to give you an ancient secret deciphered from the hieroglyphs of the Egyptian pyramids and that has been revealed to me. Nothing of that!

Plain and simple, I want to share with you the information that I have gathered through painful experimentation; what DOES work and what DOES NOT work to prevent and eliminate acne, I am going to share with you what I have put and I still putting into practice with satisfactory results, so that you too can eliminate acne forever from your life and WITHOUT spending on expensive treatments.

¿Why do I say painful experimentation? because like you, I once wanted to know this valuable information so as not to suffer with all that acne implies; rashes, pain, redness, scars, discomfort, teasing of people and a long etc. that you can avoid knowing it. I’m going to save you all that, I already lived it and you don’t have to go through that yourself.

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What am I going to reveal to you in these articles that you DO NOT already know about acne?

I am going to share with you exact information about the acne production cycle from its groundroots.
What dermatologists fail to attend and what laboratories that develop anti-acne products do not solve, either because it maintains its market or because they really don’t know what clears acne forever.

Exactly that, I am going to share with you valuable information, the knowledge that eliminates acne forever and that should be at your fingertips NOW!

In these articles you WILL NOT FIND recommendations for creams or facial treatments for acne, here we are going to talk about the science and the biological processes that really cause acne, if you want to continue using expensive treatments without solving the problem, you can close this page right now and continue with what you were doing.

Surely you ask yourself, what am I going to ask you in return?
I’m only going to ask you 3 things in return:

1st: You should use this information to your advantage:
Read the content of this series of articles so that you know how to use this valuable information. Apply what you have learned and the tips because they will help you understand the cycle of acne production. Use this information, put it into practice. You will see the change in a few weeks.

2nd: Share it:
As I am sure you will find this information very valuable, I ask you to share this same link so that many people like you can benefit from this knowledge and stop suffering from acne. Share it on social networks, by email to your friends, your family, that girl or that boy you like, give them health and the correct information. Help them! They will appreciate and respect you for helping them.

3rd: Send me your testimonies:
I ask you to practice what you’ll learn here, remember that this information is useful only if you apply it . I am sure you will see the benefits quickly, if you like, I ask you to send your testimony, name or pseudonym, age, a before / after photo to this link. Any data you want us to show as your testimony. Or tell us how this information has benefited you by leaving your comment on these articles.


First let me tell you my story with acne treatments and what motivated me to share this information and how I was discovering how to get rid of acne forever.


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