Acne Treatments, How to get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 2

Acne Treatments, how to get rid of acne forever

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As I mentioned in the 1st part, How to get rid of Acne FOREVER. let me tell my story: 
I, like you, suffered from acne and also looked for a solution to prevent and eliminate acne from my life. I tried various anti- acne treatments, from home remedies, grandma’s recipes, advice from friends, weird treatments you hear about, over-the-counter remedies, magazine treatments, trendy remedies, what worked for «someone», until you get to the specialist treatments.

I can name you several anti- acne treatments, surely some of them you are currently using or plan to use, some as absurd as they are funny;

Temporary anti- acne solutions

Creams of all names, catalog creams, shopping center creams made by prestigious brands, dermatological creams, gels, ointments, expensive astringent lotions, cleansing wipes, soaps of various types, -I remember a pink waxy soap with sulfur that left the skin quite dry-, sprays, vaporizations, Egyptian clay masks, homemade creams or masks with vegetables for acne, ice applied to the acne area to reduce inflammation, the famous application of toothpaste on the pimple, a little bit of saliva, lemon juice, laser, peelings, herbal pills advertised on TV as the infallible remedy, which now has a line of acne soaps, lotions and even makeup; bactericides such as salicylic acid and peroxides such as benzoyl peroxide to name just a few. Anyway.

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First you must realize that all these so-called «anti- acne treatments» are focused on curing the CONSEQUENCE of acne on your skin, and not focused on curing or preventing the CAUSE! But let’s get to the point, (hahaha) I know, it was a bad joke but when you know the information that you are about to know, you too will laugh at acne and focus on the things that really matter to you. Let’s keep going.

Anti- acne treatments, my story.

I suffered from severe acne mainly on my back and obviously I also had acne rashes on my face, nose and forehead, the well-known «T» zone, the breakouts were of all sizes and shapes that occur when you have acne, spots or pimples, blackheads or blackheads, pustules or abscesses that constantly sprung up on my back, I could obviously hide them from friends or people who might see me, but acne on my face couldn’t be hidden that easily.

During that time, self-esteem is affected. Like you, I looked for a «magic», «miraculous» remedy that could prevent and finally cure the acne I suffered from. That is why I relied on many acne treatments and followed them to the letter. When you try a piece of advice that someone gives you, you continue with another and another, when you are tired of trying acne treatments that doesn’t work, you finally end up putting yourself in the hands of an expert.

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In the hands of an acne expert.

I have always believed in medical science and finally came to consult the experts, the dermatologists, but the result seemed not to come. Sometimes I felt like they were experimenting with me and learning at the same time while I was spending on expensive acne products and consultations. But who wants to spend so much on acne products and not see results?

Sure, they know their profession and I don’t want to demean their work but now I know that many of them do not focus on what causes acne, but on the consequences of acne. In other words, most acne treatments consist of treating the effects on the skin caused by acne and not preventing or eliminating the causes of the issue, which actually causes acne and eliminate acne forever and from the roots.

The problem with topical anti-acne treatments is that they should not be considered the only solution, the first thing is to avoid the acne production cycle that I will explain in these articles.

You don’t have to go through all these fruitless and expensive acne treatments without knowing the acne production cycle. I’m going to save you all that money, time and frustrations. And you will regain the confidence you had before the first pimple appeared on your skin.

IMPORTANT: If you have sequelae on your skin as a result of acne, then you should go to a dermatologist to determine the best treatment to heal scars or eliminate spots caused by acne.

What you don’t know about acne

What you should know is that visible acne on your skin is just the tip of the iceberg of a problem in your body, which you can solve without spending on expensive anti- acne treatments and only with perseverance and dedication. I am going to share with you precise information to get rid of acne forever and from the roots.

The biggest mistake of dermatologists is not to consider the body as a whole, as a unit where the malfunction of one system can affect others or the whole body.

What motivated me to share this information is that I discovered from personal experience a solution that I have been improving and that doctors dedicated to prescribing anti-acne treatments focus on the wrong part of the problem.

I also promised myself that if I knew what prevents acne I would share it with people for free.
They have always blamed oily skin for the problem, they have blamed bacteria, or they have blamed flaking and hormonal changes, when the solution – although not known – is very simple.

But let’s focus on the solution to the problem, let’s get down to business and review acne-free skin..

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