Oily Skin, How to get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 4

Oily skin, is it the main culprit for acne?

acne oily skin, get rid of Acne FOREVERIf our goal is to get rid of acne forever and as I explained in the previous article acne-free skin there is an important variable that is sebum or secretions. So if the composition of the sebum in oily skin is what causes acne or not, topical anti-acne treatments are useless to remove or change the composition of the sebum.

It has long been blamed and believed that sebum or fat that moisturizes the skin can cause more acne, we often listen to the recommendations, “-Remove your hair from your face”, “-Don’t touch your face” or “-Wash your face or you will get more pimples”, but some people have oily skin and can go their entire lives without having acne. I’m sure you know someone who has oily skin and had little or no acne at all, right? So is the exaggerated production of sebum what causes acne? or is it the composition of the sebum?

If we consider excess sebum production as the main cause of acne, all topical treatments are useless to eliminate the production of sebum and therefore eliminate acne.

Making an analogy if our pore, hair follicle or sebaceous gland were the exhaust of an engine by which the body excretes substances, “cleaning”, «applying cream” or “disinfect” the exhaust it is not changing the engine operation, nor is improving combustion much less reduce pollutants coming out of the engine, right?

Greasy skin, Get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 4
Lotions and soaps:

What astringent lotions and soaps do is remove sebum in the pores of oily skin as well as eliminate bacteria that could cause a blockage and lead to infection. This ONLY prevents the formation of more pimples but does not prevent the production of sebum or its quality.


Creams and facials to cure acne, Get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 4
Creams and facials:

Creams and facials moisturize and hydrate the skin to a certain depth, while helping to remove dead skin that could clog pores, hair follicles, or sebaceous glands.
But they also do not prevent the production of sebum or its quality on oily skin.


Peeling for fatty skin, Get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 4
Lasers, peelings and abrasions:

Other treatments can attack related problems or the consequences of acne on the skin but also do not prevent production of sebum or its quality.



My anti-acne checklist to avoid oily skin

When I suffered from acne I made a list of what I considered had contact with my oily skin and increased acne. Like my towel, my pillow, the bed sheets, el colchón, mis camisetas, the mattress, my shirts, the soap, the applicator of some lotion, my hands etc. Taking special care not to be “dirty” from my own fat or sebum. Constantly trying to change my sheets or alternately use 2 towels. I may have been very careful or methodical but I was wrong, I kept worrying and focusing on the wrong place. Above all, you should not consider your secretions as “dirty”, since we will produce sebum throughout our lives.

Acne is Curable

Obviously to reduce my oily skin I also considered changing my diet and reducing my fat intake, drinking much more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, etc. And although I saw significant progress, it wasn’t until later that I understood what I have called the acne production cycle.

Like any other organ, the skin is nourished and intimately related to the internal organs. It is shocking and ridiculous that on some web sites you find doctors or dermatologists mention that «diet does not influence acne».

Oily skin, Get rid of Acne FOREVER Part 4

List of foods to reduce acne

I can give you a “food list” that can probably reduce acne and prevent your oily skin, but that will be useless if you don’t know the acne production cycle. It is important you understand this cycle, since this way you will be able to discern which diet to follow with no «recipe», you don’t need to be checking if the food you are about to eat is on a «list» or not.

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Although I mention some foods that from my own experience I have tried increase acne, I must warn you I’m not a nutritionist or an expert in the field. However, the information I’m just about to share with you comes from my own experience and from scientific information that I’ve applied in my daily life with astonishing results to cure acne.
DISCLAIMER: Of course, individual results may vary, and will depend on your own perseverance and how you apply the information in the following link the acne production cycle.

Remember to apply this information, share it (www.bit.ly/Without_Acne) and leave your comment below.


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